S I Tours intend to work closely with the villagers  from the beginning till today. Despite S I Tours had grown to be one of the top tourism company in Sandakan nowadays, the management will continuously provide support to villagers such as below in order to bring the villagers a better stay.

Abai Village Fact

  • Population – 200 native Orang Sungai.
  • Occupation – Fishing, agriculture and tourism sector
  • Located 40 km and about an hour by boat ride from Sandakan Harbour
  • In the 1920s, Martin and Osa Johnson took the first pictures of the rare Proboscis Monkey here.
  • In 1937, the Johnson’s made two films – “Jungle Depths of Borneo” (lecture film) and “BORNEO” (20th Century Fox Film Corporation, the Johnsons last adventure together, narrated by journalist Lowell Thomas after Martin’s death in a plane crash in California. He was enroute to edit and premier this film.

2002 Sponsor Sukau Villager Abdul Ghatar Bin Ismail to University Teknologi Mara


In 2002 – 2005, S I Tours had sponsored Abdul Ghatar Bin Ismail from Sukau Village, to continue study at University Teknologi Mara, Kuala Lumpur.





2004 Eco Tourism Program


In 2004, S I Tours launched an “Eco Tourism Program” which helps the villagers from the Abai Village by buying local fresh fishes and prawn that are catch by the local fishermen.  Nowadays the program still going on.

RM 358,995.00 (July 2004 till Oct 2018) to buy fresh water prawn (udang galah) and fresh water fish (Marble Goby).



2004 Mattresses and bed sheets given to villagers for Homestay program


In 2005, S I Tours had collaborated with the villagers from Abai Village to create a “Home stay Program”. This is intended to support the local economy and also promoting local traditional culture value to guests who stayed at the home stay program. To support the Home Stay program, S I Tours has supplied the mattresses, bed sheets, pillows and pillow cases to the villagers.


2005 1st The Most Beautiful House Competition Group Photo

In Sept 2005, S I Tours also organized the 1st “The Most Beautiful House” competition in Abai Village to encourage local villagers to decorate their house and show off their traditional culinary skills to welcome guests. The houses are examined from their cleanliness, hygiene, decoration, and also welcome manners of the house owners. The competitions were hold 3 times continuously until 2007, all the villagers are aware of the tourism industry and the importance of cleanliness.

2006 Sponsor Stationery to Abai Student

In the same time of the 1st “The Most Beautiful House”, S I Tours also sponsored school stationery like school bags, exercise books, pencils and pencil cases to the primary students studied in the Abai Primary School.




Tree Planting Project

In 2006, S I Tours launched “Tree Planting Project and lunch with Villagers” to help the villagers by paying Rm 25.00p.p. This project was monitor by Amy Chin to ensure all the villagers get benefit from it. The company paid RM 562,053.00 (Feb 07 ~ Oct 2018) to the villagers for their nursery, tree planting, lunch, Home stay and culture performance. In 2011(RM 52,760.00), 2012 (RM 59,180.00) and 2013 (RM 58,805.00) is given to villagers from the Tree Planting Project.

July 2016 – RM 9,570  Aug 2016 – RM 12,210


2006 Sponsor RM1500 for flight ticket and fee to Noraini Binti Tahir to UITM

In Jan 2007, S I Tours sponsored Noraini Binti Tahir from Abai Village with RM1500.00 as air ticket and registation fee at UITM, Kuala Lumpur.




2008 2 boats give to Villagers for Homestay programs

In Sept 2008,  2 boats with 15HP Honda Four stroke engine had been contributed to the home stay people, we believe this will help the villagers a lot especially their tour activities.





2009 one speed boat give to Villagers for Homestay program

In Feb 2009, The company contributed 1 fiberglass speed boats with YAMAHA engine 85HP X 2 units especially for them transfer guests from Sandakan to their home stay.




2010 New sponsorship for Homestay program

In Feb 2010, to make sure The Abai Homestay can provide better services to their guests, we supplied them another 20 new mattresses, blankets, bed sheets, pillow and mosquitoes net.




In Oct 2013, S I Tours organized a “Community Work” project which bring together travelers, local villagers and also S I Tours’ staffs to clean up Abai Village. All gather together to repair and refurbish the local Abai’s facilities and infrastructures.
2013 Community work at Abai Village (1)






Updated: NOV 2018