Kinabatangan Riverside Lodge

Kinabatangan Riverside Lodge Sukau is wholly owned and managed by S I Tours Sdn Bhd.

The Kinabatangan River, Sabah’s longest river and Malaysia’s second longest river, is one of the most exciting and easily accessible places to explore the rich biodiversity of Sabah. From Kampung Abai near the river mouth of Kinabatangan River, on to the major village of Sukau and further up river, the lower Kinabatangan offers an incredible opportunity to see a large range of wildlife including Borneo’s unique proboscis monkeys, the wild Orang Utan, Bornean Pygmy elephants, crocodiles, otters, bears, wild cats and countless rare and beautiful birds such as hornbills and the Oriental Darter.

On 16 January 2002, the proposed Kinabatangan Wildlife Sanctuary was gazette, thus conserving 26,000 hectares of flood plain known for its tremendous variety of natural habitat, such as oxbow lakes, riverine forest vegetation and dry lowland dipterocarp forest.

Kinabatangan Riverside Lodge is one of the lodge that has been set up in 1994, by S.I. Tours who works with the locals by paying monthly for land rental fee until today, hiring locals to take care and manage the lodge. To maintain the ambience of the river and rainforest, we hire local service to send out the rubbish from Kinabatangan until today.

In the year of 2002, A sponsorship had been given to a local boy from Sukau, ABDUL GHAFAR BIN ISMAIL to further his studies at University Teknologi Mara from year 2002 to 2005.

The lodge is safe from flood all year round that can be reach by vehicle or boat. All the walkway is flat in and out made by “Belian” hard wood plank. We use Kimberly-Clark Biodegradable and Environmentally friendly shampoo, soap and papers, all rooms are with attached bathroom, hot shower, ceiling fan, Smoke Detector, Emergency Action Plan and netted windows.

We use Reverse Osmosis water purifier system. Welcome Drink, cold towel is serve at the Jetty after an hour boat ride from Abai Jungle Restaurant.24 hours’ coffee and Tea is provided at the Restaurant “Orang Utan Corner” (42 FT.X 70 Ft.) The Air Condition Library Room (18Ft.X24Ft.) for relax and study is attached with the restaurant.

The lodge is provided with 24 hours’ electricity by SESB at 220/240V,50 cycles. 2 units of 50 KVA Diesel Green Engine Generators are standby for emergency. Fiberglass boat powered by four stroke outboard engines and electric boat is particularly for our environmental standard where to minimize noise and air pollution.

Rainwater is collected in 8 units of 900 gallons tanks and 3 units of 400 gallons’ tanks.8 units of 900 gallons tanks and 6 units of 400 gallons’ tanks are filtered before use. In dry season this is supplemented by river water, which is treated and sand filtered before use. Hot water is supplied by Storage water heater of 7.7 gallons and are placed safe outside in every lodge.

The new wing with 33 rooms (12 units semidetached+ 3 units chalet X 3 rooms) was completed on NOV 2007 with Jetty Tower, New Bird Tower, New Frog Platform and an open sun deck just facing to the Kinabatangan river.

Our rooms are upgrade with 42-inch width beds and with 8 inch mattresses, Video show are presented after dinner and Our Guitar Team will make your night special once in a while.

And our license guides your friend who will be with you all the way from Sandakan to the Lodge will show you their unique experience like what our guest says “eagle eye”!!

With all this, we are sure guest will experience an enjoyable and memorable trip with us.

Accommodations / Facilities

  • 33 Rooms. 15 Twin Rooms, 6 Triple Rooms, 8 Double Bedrooms, 4 Family Rooms.
  • 2 set connecting rooms (1 set Twin-Double, 1 set Twin-Twin)
  • All rooms with attached bathroom, toilet, hot shower, ceiling fan and netted windows.
  • All rooms with smoke detector and emergency action plan
  • Uses Reserve Osmosis Water Purifier System.
  • Use Kimberly-Clark Biodegradable and Environmentally friendly shampoo, soap and papers.
6.Double Bed Room at KRL

KRL Double Bed Room

7.Twin Bed Room at KRL

KRL Twin Bed Room


Hot Shower Toilet attached in room

The Attraction

  • River Cruise along Kinabatangan River and Menanggul River
  • Video Show
  • Relaxing Platforms surrounding the lodge and also facing the Kinabatangan River

River Cruise

3.Riverview Corner Facing Kinabatangan River

River View Corner

4.Kinabatangan Riverside Lodge's Restaurant

KRL Restaurant

8.Frog Platform at KRL

KRL Frog Platform

9.Sundeck facing Kinabatangan River

Sundeck facing the Kinabatangan River

14. Air Condition Mini Library

KRL Mini Library and Video Room






In 2018 August, our swimming pool is completed.