Abai Jungle Lodge

Abai Jungle Restaurant & Lodge is wholly owned and managed by S.I. Tours Sdn Bhd.

Kampung Abai, Kinabatangan. Sandakan Jetty to AJR (1 hour) and continue (1 hour) to Sukau. Abai Jungle Restaurant is situated at 47 km from the river mouth of Kinabatangan River, the longest river in Sabah and Malaysia’s second longest river, it takes you about 1 hour’s boat ride (from Sandakan jetty or from Sukau) to reach the restaurant/lodge.

Abai Village just in front of Abai Jungle Restaurant, both places have no water and electric supply, no road but Government provide water tank and solar to the villagers.

Abai Jungle Lodge was started to build at behind the restaurant in June 2005. The purpose of building this lodge is to avoid the overcrowded in Sukau, Kinabatangan. Abai Jungle Lodge is surrounded by the Secondary Forest Reserved. It is far away from Oil Palm Plantation and is safe from flood round the year. All the walkways are made from hard wood called “Belian” and flat in and out.

The lodge is provided with 24 hours’ electricity by 3 units of 50, 35 & 25 KVA Diesel Green Engine Generators.

Rainwater is collected in 6 units of 1200 gallons & 2 units 0f 900 gallons’ tanks. In dry season this is supplemented by river water, 6 units of 900 gallons’ tanks, which is treated and sand filtered before use.

Hot water is supplied by storage water heater of 15 gallons and are placed safe outside in every lodge.

Bird Tower

Wooden Tower and Trail behind AJL

The 500-800-meter-long trails to the Jungle with Bird tower are made from hard wood “Belian”. Apart from the river cruise, guests can spend more time and are free to enjoy the nature surroundings. Birds, monkeys such as Silvered Langur, Maroon Langur, Hose Langur, Wild Orang Utan is always spotted here. In Aug 2007, a couple who went for a day trip to this Lodge spotted a clouded Leopard at the trail behind the Lodge and on 07th Dec 2007 a Sun Bear is also spotted at the same trail. I believe if one stayed longer in Abai Jungle Lodge, the chances of seeing wildlife is high, the night cruise to see fire flies as Christmas tree is the highlight of your visit at this lodge.



Accommodations / Facilities

  • 30 Rooms – 6 units chalets with 3 bedroom, 6 units chalets with 2 bedroom.
  • All rooms comprise 42-inch width bed with 8 inches of mattress.
  • All rooms with attached bathroom, toilet, hot shower, ceiling fan and netted windows.
  • All rooms with safety box, smoke detector and emergency action plan
  • Uses Reserve Osmosis Water Purifier System.
  • Use Kimberly-Clark Biodegradable and Environmentally friendly shampoo, soap and papers.

AJL’s Family Room

AJL’s Double Bed Room

12.Abai Twin Bed Room-min

AJL’S Twin Bed Room







Abai Jungle Restaurant

Abai Jungle Restaurant

The Restaurant

  • Set in beautiful riverine forest surrounding overlooking the Kinabatangan river.
  • Serves local delicacies such as fresh water prawn, fish, vegetables and fruits.
  • Lunch and stopover venue for our day-trip and overnight visitors to Sukau.
  • Cater for 120 people for lunch especially for incentive Group where Cultural performance and Village tour can be arranged.


The Attraction

  • Wildlife river safaris in search of Primates i.e. Proboscis monkey.
  • Cultural Experience – Home stay Program.
Breakfast in the Jungle Platform

Breakfast in the Jungle Platform

Guided Night Walk

Guided Night Walk

14.New Jetty Platform-min

Relaxing Platform